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To enter the competition, you will need to select “Click here to apply” and follow 4 steps:

STEP 1: Create a profile. All fields are mandatory. This step creates an application account for you.

STEP 2: Select the Competition that you wish to enter, i.e. Undergraduate or Open.

STEP 3: Create your Entry.

  • For the Undergraduate Competition you will submit an 800 to 1000-word essay response to the Challenge on the form provided OR alternatively upload a 3 to 10 minute video.
  • For the Open Competition you will complete an online application form containing 9 questions, each with an allowable number of words.

STEP 4: Save and Finalise your Entry.

  • You may SAVE progress on your application at any point and return to complete it up to the closing date of the competition.
  • If you want to continue work on an incomplete application, click My Account > My Applications > Incomplete to continue with it. You can only have 2 applications in total.
  • Once you SAVE & FINALISE your Application Form, the application is frozen so please ensure that you have worked the idea up fully before you make the final decision to select that option.  

Note: You may find it helpful to write your entry off line, e.g., in Microsoft Word, and paste the final reviewed content into the application form.

All dates shown on this website are in MM/DD/YYYY format.

If in any doubt either contact us at info@coins-grandchallenge.com OR Refer to the Guidance Notes and Terms & Conditions on the COINS Grand Challenge website for more detail.